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Dr. Moheb – facial plastic surgery & head surgery in Hamburg

With us you are the focus!

In the heart of Hamburg, atBramfelder Dorfplatz 6 – 22179 Hamburg , you & your beauty are the focus. Dr. Moheb & his team , who are characterized by a lot of experience in the field of plastic & aesthetic cosmetic surgery , as well as by medical technology know-how, await you in a state-of-the-art beauty practice  for aesthetic & plastic facial surgery  and hair transplantation .

The modern surgical methods, such as the certified and innovative equipment, which range from the ARTAS® robot-controlled hair transplant, to the  Ultherapy®  skin tightening , to the  vampire lifting  and the Clear + Brilliant®  treatment against wrinkles  , have already received a lot of attention, also in the national press.

Dr. Moheb is one of the few surgeons in Europe who uses innovative robot technology from the USA: thanks to ARTAS® , hair transplantation is significantly more efficient and faster than before. The result looks deceptively real: nobody realizes that a surgeon was at work. But you also have the choice between the  FUT (strip technique ) and the FUE (single hair technique ). This option distinguishes cosmetic surgery in our practice, also in facial surgery and wrinkle treatment. Because every person is different, just like his ideas of beauty.

Dr. Moheb is therefore considered one of the most innovative cosmetic surgeons in the city, which is also shown by the many feedback from the press, which we have listed for you below. In the areas of  minimally invasive  wrinkle treatment  and innovative medicine  , Dr. Moheb expert. These are just a few examples of the extensive range of cosmetic surgery in Hamburg’s beauty practice.

Predictable results and safe therapies and surgical methods are his top priority. Therefore Dr. Moheb also focuses on minimally invasive interventions, i.e. operations that are as small as possible, with little risk. In order to always achieve the best results, a great deal of further training is required. Numerous official certificates prove that we always meet this obligation in the entire team.

Impressions from practice Dr. Moheb am Dammtorwall

Dr. received a lot of attention Moheb also for his innovative cellulite treatment , which he carries out with Alidya®. This solution for injection was developed by Prof. Pasquale Motolese specifically for the treatment of gynoid lipodistrophy, also known as cellulite and orange peel. The product is approved as a class III (CE 0373) medical device throughout Europe. All areas such as the thigh, buttocks, abdomen, chest and upper arms can be treated with Alidya®.


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Innovative wrinkle treatment & facial surgery

Certification-02Whether face lift, forehead lift, nose surgery, lip corrections and other facial and skin treatments; You always have the choice between classic cosmetic surgery and modern methods. The same applies to our treatment methods for wrinkle removal and smoothing. This is the only way to achieve the best and most natural result in cosmetic surgery.

The Dr.Moheb practice in Hamburg sets standards in wrinkle treatment . But here too you have the option of choosing more conservative treatment methods, whether it is wrinkle treatment with filler , wrinkle filling with collagen, autologous fat, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, plasma gel, microneedeling, or the  Botox® treatment

Before starting treatment, Dr. observes Moheb his patient’s mine game. This is how he finds out which muscle is responsible for the formation of wrinkles. The respective substance or filler is then injected a few millimeters away. Just a method that shows how much specialist knowledge the team at Bramfelder Dorfplatz 6 treats its visitors with.

Because Dr. One thing is clear to Moheb; only a surgeon who can respond to the individual needs of each individual person will also achieve good results for your beauty and quality of life.

We rely on natural-looking results and broad expertise, so that your individual wishes come first.

Yours Dr. med. Afshin Moheb


Presseberichte Praxis Dr.Moheb

Huffington Post berichtet über Haartransplantations-Techniken von Dr. Moheb


Bericht vom 07.06.2016

Dr. Moheb erklärt in der Huffington Post, wie Haarausfall entsteht und wie dieser mit innovativen Methoden, wie beispielsweise der Meso-Therapie oder dem Haartransplantationsroboter, behandelt werden kann.


Dr. Moheb im Interview mit RTL Nord

Bericht vom 13.10.2015

Ein Roboter für neue Haare – Artas arbeitet in einer Hamburger Praxis schnell und haargenau.
Im Alter, wenn das Haupthaar dünner wird und die Geheimratsecken tiefer werden, dann leiden besonders Männer. Promis wie Trainer Jürgen Klopp oder Sänger Sasha lassen dann auch schon mal Haare transplantieren.


Bericht über Dr. Mohebs Haar-Roboter in der BILD

Bericht vom 18.09.2015

Viele Männer leiden unter fehlender Haarpracht! Dr. Afshin Moheb (44) will helfen. In seiner Klinik am Dammtorwall steht jetzt der erste Roboter, der Haare transplantiert. Wie geht das? Die USMaschine „Artas“ (500  000 Euro teuer) sucht die vitalsten


Report bei Hamburg 1 über Dr. Mohebs Haartransplantationen

Bericht vom 12.10.2015

Hochpräziser ARTAS® – Roboter gegen Haarausfall Der Hightech-Roboter ARTAS bei Dr Moheb in Hamburg revolutioniert bisherige Arten der Eigenhaartransplantation auf beeindruckende Art und Weise


Titelbild Taff Bericht ueber Dr. Moheb


Bericht vom 22.08.2016

Dellenfrei in den Urlaub! 90 Prozent der deutschen Frauen kämpfen gegen Cellulite. Zwei Testerinnen haben zwei neue Methoden ausprobiert, um für den Sommer fit zu werden.


Unser Partner

Dr. Eugen Höfter – Praxis für Plastische Chirurgie


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Publikationen der Schönheitschirurgie Dr. Moheb

Bericht über Faltenbehandlung bei Dr. Moheb bei FOCUS Online

„Effektive Hilfe im Kampf gegen Falten bieten Behandlungen mit moderner Medizin, die sich auch körpereigene Wirkstoffe zunutze macht. Ein Experte für die Faltenbehandlung in Hamburg setzt auf Botox und Hyaluronsäure – aus gutem Grund.“

Focus Online Bericht über ARTAS Haartransplantationen bei Dr. Moheb

„In Hamburg schafft es der Hightech-Roboter ARTAS® sogar, dass bei der Haartransplantation keine sichtbaren Narben entstehen. Für die Betroffenen ist dies eine große Erleichterung.“

FOCUS Online Bericht über Cellulite Behandlung bei Dr. Moheb in Hamburg

„Um der Cellulite Herr zu werden und sich wieder über glatte Haut freuen zu können, bietet sich eine spezielle Cellulite-Behandlung in Hamburg an (, bei der mithilfe einer Injektionslösung (Alidya®) das Oberflächenprofil der Haut verändert wird.“